Assignments will be posted on this web site on an almost-every-day kind of thing. These are here (in the red banner above, look for the name of your math class) in case you either missed class, your parent wants to verify the assignment, or you forgot to write it down.

Math 8 Homework: Term 1

Assignments may be listed on a day to day basis. Unless otherwise stated, all assignments are due at the beginning of class the next day.

           15, F: Students did problems on board, practiced their times tables (9,8,6,5,3,11,12)
          14, Th: Assessments handed back and all questions answered; Reviewed triangles and exterior, interior angle problems; assigned from the white packet problems 1-14, each student responsible to do their problem tomorrow.
          13, W: Worksheet 2.3
       12: T: Assessment; Worksheet 2.2
          11, M: Assessment tomorrow: try 2 on concepts 1-3; try 1 on concepts 4-6; worksheet 2.1
        8, F: Review all of topic 1; Tangrams to practice rotations, reflections, and translations; Bring your book with you Monday, we need more pages.
           7, TH: Assessments back, record your scores; Go through homework 1.6 worksheet
            6, W: Worksheet 1.6 practice + Art graph
            5, T: Page 81: write abc; Practice: 1abcd, 2abcde; Page 82: Review: 1-6
            4, M: Labor Day Holiday, no school
Sept     1, F: No new assignment, we will practice the reflections and slides in class today.
            31, TH: Page 65: 1abcd, 2, 3; page 66: stretch 1: Page 66: Review: 1, 2, 4, 5
            30, W: Page 51: 1abcd, 2abcd; page 52: 1a, 3ab
            29, T: Page 37: write: 1-5; page 38: 1-2ab, 3abcd; page 37: 1abdeghi, 2ab
            28, M: Go through notes, pages 21-27
           25, F: Get Disclosure signed and bring back before next Wednesday; Module 1, lesson 1.1
           24, TH: Go through Parent Guide at the beginning of module 1; books handed out- bring either binder with pages 1-100 or bring entire book each day with you to class.
Aug    23, W: Get binder with 3-ring (at least 1 inch in Diameter) for class