Assignments will be posted on this web site on an almost-every-day kind of thing. These are here (in the red banner above, look for the name of your math class) in case you either missed class, your parent wants to verify the assignment, or you forgot to write it down.

Honors 7 Homework: Term 1

Assignments may be listed on a day to day basis. Unless otherwise stated, all assignments are due at the beginning of class the next day.

         15, F: Assessments back, record your scores; page 121: 5cd; page 123: 3abcd
             14, Th: Finish the notes on pages 115-122
         13: W: Assessment on concepts 1-5, try 2; review worksheet
            12, T:  Family guide, pages 89-90; Page 107: practice: 1ab, 2abcd; page 108: 3abcd; Page 108: review: 1ab, 2ab, 3-6  
             11, M: Assessments back, questions? Take scores on last 3 days, no new assignment
               8, F: Page 81: write: 1-4; Practice: 1-6; Page 82, Review: 1-4 all parts of each problem
               7, TH: We will correct and go through both Tuesday's assignment, the board problems from yesterday, and then we will practice more with converting from one unit to the next with units of capacity, time, and distance.
                6, W: Assessment today on concepts 1-5 (see the link in the red banner at the top of this site for those 5 concepts), board problems (I just posted these on the website, click on the picture of the problems if you need a larger size)
                5, T: Page 67: 1abcd; Page 68: review: 1-6; plus board problems (you will have to get these from me)   
                4, M: No school, Labor Day holiday
Sept        1, F: Page 57: 1-3; Page 58: 4,5 Review: 2-6; Go over "family guide" with parent on page 49
              31, TH: Practice shaded and composite shapes in class, no new homework.
                30, W: Page 40: 1,2; Page 41: 1-4 all; Page 42: review: 2,3,4,5,6
                29, T: Pages 21-23 (use circle on page 29 to answer questions on pages 21-23); Page 28: Talk the talk; Page 31: 1-11 odds, and Stretch question; page 32: review 1-6
                28, M: No new assignment
               25, F: Get Disclosure signed and bring back before next Wednesday; Module 1, lesson 1.1
               24, TH: Go through Parent Guide at the beginning of module 1; books handed out- bring either binder with pages 1-100 or bring entire book each day with you to class.
Aug       23, W: Get binder with 3-ring (at least 1 inch in Diameter) for class