HW posted on "mydsd"

Beginning October 2, 2017, homework will be listed on "myDSD" where your grades are calculated. It will be shown as "practice" which means it does NOT count as part of your actual grade but it is listed to help you and your parents keep on top of your work and make certain you do not have missing "stuff". It will be posted under the heading of "participation points" for 7th graders and under the heading of "listening and participation points" for 8th graders.

As posted on our disclosure: ALL homework must be done AND you need a score of 6 or higher to be allowed to retake concepts.

Helpful links

* Carnegie online computer site  (You will need to use Internet Explorer to access this site. You may also not be able to access it at home because of not having a license, but you can try. The school ID is:
kaysville jhs-84037)

* Davis District Home Page

* Help with parenting

* Online etiquette

* Pi day

* Help with being bullied/gender and/or racial slurs

* Free math help

* Help with math concepts and problems

* Educational videos

* World of online math (You get 19 free problems per day, otherwise there is a monthly fee to use the interactive online practices, which, by the way, are very good.)

* Free math help and videos

* Free math help and online tutoring

* Math on the Internet