HW posted on "mydsd"

Beginning October 2, 2017, homework will be listed on "myDSD" where your grades are calculated. It will be shown as "practice" which means it does NOT count as part of your actual grade but it is listed to help you and your parents keep on top of your work and make certain you do not have missing "stuff". It will be posted under the heading of "participation points" for 7th graders and under the heading of "listening and participation points" for 8th graders.

As posted on our disclosure: ALL homework must be done AND you need a score of 6 or higher to be allowed to retake concepts.


The following is a post I wrote on December 15, 2012, a day after many children in Sandy Hook elementary school had been shot and killed. This is a post about loving and remembering:

Yesterday afternoon at school, I was walking down the hall from my classroom to the main office. At the end of the hall, I saw the mother of one of my students waiting with two of her younger children. She must have told the two boys that I was one of their older brother's teachers because they both came running towards me, wanting to give me big hugs. I had never met them before, so it surprised me a little. It thrilled me, nonetheless- hugs from little ones are about the best thing, ever.

After we finished hugging, they both wanted to share things with me simultaneously. I could only move my head back and forth, smiling at them. When they stopped sharing, the younger of the two ran back to his mother. I patted the older on his head. He asked me to guess his age. I said, "Four?" He said, "No. Higher." In the background, his mom held up five fingers. So, I said to him, "Are you seven? Or, ninety-three?" He shook his head no and said, "Lower than that." I exclaimed, "Five?" His eyes lit up and he said, "Yes!" I said, "Five? That's wonderful! High-five!" He put his hand up and gave me a high-five. His mother then collected him and our "conversation" was over.

As I walked into the office, my heart smiled from the unadulterated excitement and joy of these two children. My heart then immediately shattered into a million pieces as I thought of the myriad of families and people who would never again share such moments with their little ones. It brought me to tears. I have since wept several times. Like our President said yesterday, we all mourn with Connecticut. We are in this together. 

May we join in sending our prayers and healing thoughts to all who need them.

May we also seek to always be aware of our surroundings, to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.