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Beginning October 2, 2017, homework will be listed on "myDSD" where your grades are calculated. It will be shown as "practice" which means it does NOT count as part of your actual grade but it is listed to help you and your parents keep on top of your work and make certain you do not have missing "stuff". It will be posted under the heading of "participation points" for 7th graders and under the heading of "listening and participation points" for 8th graders.

As posted on our disclosure: ALL homework must be done AND you need a score of 6 or higher to be allowed to retake concepts.

9-11 memories

 Each September 11th, I am reminded of those tragic events from fourteen years ago: I had gotten to work early that morning. As it got closer to the time for first period to begin, a student walked in telling me that a plane hit into the Twin Towers. I peppered her with questions, but she had no answers. I thought the plane must have been a small passenger plane. The final bell rang and students scurried to class. A couple of minutes later, I could hear some commotion in the hall. I stepped from my classroom to see why all the noise. I recognized one of the students and asked him what was going on. Very agitated, he told me a plane had crashed into the Pentagon.

I walked back into class shaking my head. My mind was reeling. What? Planes crashing into the Pentagon? I did not understand.

A moment or two later, announcements were made over our school public-address system about the attacks that had happened in New York. I sat dazed by the news: the Twin Towers were falling? Thousands of people were probably dead? People were jumping out of windows to escape the fire and devastation happening inside the Towers?

Even now, I remember those feelings and thoughts with such clarity. They formed a giant pit in my stomach that took weeks and months to go away.

As the next few days seemed to stand still, as the skies were quieted from the "no fly enactment", more information was coming to light about what had happened on 9-11. I was sickened and saddened by the reliving of scenes on TV: the ash pluming through the sky, concrete and metal disintegrating, and so many lives lost.

A friend of mine's mother-in-law was in the first plane that crashed into the Twin Towers. She and her daughter had taken children to University on the east coast and, that morning, were attempting to get home. They never made it. Even we in a little community in northern Utah were wracked with painfully personal results that horrible morning.

May we never forget those who lost their lives that day, nor those on other flights who did their best to keep their planes, and the terrorists aboard, from crashing into other sites (which would have killed who knows how many). May we always remember those who fought so diligently to try and save lives that day and those who now fight daily, and sacrifice so much, to keep us and our country safe.

(On a lighter note- when it came time for dinner tonight, I did not feel much like cooking. I drove to a local Taco Time and ordered a couple of items. When the cashier rang up my order, she announced my cost: $9.11- wow. Of all days. Go figure.)