HW posted on "mydsd"

Beginning October 2, 2017, homework will be listed on "myDSD" where your grades are calculated. It will be shown as "practice" which means it does NOT count as part of your actual grade but it is listed to help you and your parents keep on top of your work and make certain you do not have missing "stuff". It will be posted under the heading of "participation points" for 7th graders and under the heading of "listening and participation points" for 8th graders.

As posted on our disclosure: ALL homework must be done AND you need a score of 6 or higher to be allowed to retake concepts.

"Stretch breaks"- P.E. will help do WHAT?!?

I just finished reading this very interesting article. It suggests that one way to improve student performance is to have early morning rigorous physical education. (This is one of the reasons why I encourage you to get up and do something physical during our stretch breaks- push-ups, walking around the room, jumping jacks, etc.- because the exercise helps gets oxygen to the blood and helps you think and process better.)